Trail of Many Tracks
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Arizona's Historic & Scenic White Mountain Region
and Little Colorado Plateau

Get to know the real people of the West, past and present, whose tracks have crisscrossed Arizona's White Mountains and Little Colorado Plateau over the centuries. See abundant wildlife, vergant forests, extinct volcanoes and breathtaking expanses of high desert grasslands that served as a backdrop for countless sagas.

This self-guided tour transports you back in time with glimpses of Ancestral Puebloans, Spanish sheepmen, Mormon colonists, Texas cowboys, New York bankers, Apache Indians and Black cavalrymen, mountain men and wild critters came together in a vivid contrast of conflict and cooperation.

Meet today's Navajo, the "Dine", and the White Mountain Apache. Visit the sites and museums in this uncrowded and unspoilded region. Stop at one of the many rodeos, quilting bees, tribal fairs, or other small town events and get to know the people along the Trail of Many Tracks. You'll find them a varied and friendly representation of the real West!


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